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Contact Us to Schedule a Free Inspection and Get Wildlife Removal Services Near Southampton Township, NJ

Our professionals have years of experience working with wildlife and repairing homes.

If you suspect there may be wildlife getting into your home, we’ll ease your mind with our thorough inspection. Our wildlife control professionals inspect attics, roofs, crawlspaces, basements, and more. We’ll begin by identifying the wildlife causing your problem, followed by a complete explanation of our plan. Rest assured that you’ll enjoy a positive experience when working with us, thanks to our background in customer service and volunteer work at local animal sanctuaries. If you need wildlife removal services near Southampton Township, NJ, then consider contacting us.

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About What We Do

UFO serves the entire South Jersey area and specializes in wildlife removal and home repairs. Owners Jesse and Joshua decided to open their own businesses because of their passion for helping both people and wildlife. As the human population grows, so do our interactions with wildlife. But we can co-exist as long as we do so from a comfortable distance. UFO helps remove animals in a safe, timely manner and, most importantly, ensures they will not get back into your home. We relocate intrusive wildlife and seal up all entry points.

Our objective is to make sure you are a happy, informed customer. We want you to feel comfortable, which is why our process starts with a step-by-step explanation of what we could do for you. We offer free inspections and discounts for seniors over 65 and members of the military. We care deeply about wildlife and our customers–we want both to be happy when we are finished helping them!

From attic animal removal to wildlife exclusion and more, we’re confident we can help with all of your animal damage control needs. If you need wildlife control service near Southampton Township, NJ, then consider giving us a call.

Control Unwanted Animal Intrusions During Spring Time

Spring is a wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the time when many animals are on the move as they search for mates and establish their territories. As a wildlife control company, we know that this is a particularly busy time of year for us, as we help people deal with unwanted animal intrusions. Here are some of the animals that we commonly deal with during the spring season:

  • Raccoons: Raccoons are particularly active during the spring as they search for food and mates. They may take up residence in attics, crawl spaces, or under decks. We use humane Havahart traps to capture these animals and relocate them to a safe place far away from human habitation.
  • Baby raccoons: Spring is also the time when baby raccoons are born. If you have a mother raccoon living on your property, it’s important to avoid separating her from her babies. We can help you safely and humanely capture and relocate the entire family.
  • Skunks: Skunks are another animal that becomes more active in the spring. We can help you safely remove skunks from your property without getting sprayed.
  • Groundhogs: Groundhogs are notorious for causing damage to gardens and lawns. We can help you trap and relocate these animals to prevent further damage.
  • Bats: Bats are important pollinators and insect eaters, but they can also carry diseases. If you have bats living in your attic or other parts of your home, we can help you safely remove them and prevent future infestations.
  • Snakes: Spring is also the time when snakes start to emerge from hibernation. We can help you safely and humanely remove any unwanted snakes from your property. This includes black snakes, rat snakes, garder snakes, and other common species.

At our wildlife control company, we prioritize humane capture and relocation methods for all animals that we deal with. We believe that it’s possible to protect both wildlife and humans from harm, and we’re committed to finding the most effective and compassionate solutions to any wildlife-related problems that you may encounter.

Meet the Owners

UFO is owned and operated by Jesse Miller and Joshua Chambers, who combined their years of experience in home repairs, animal handling, customer service, and volunteer work at local animal sanctuaries to create a positive experience for both homeowners and wildlife. Their team is available year-round to help with your wildlife management and removal needs.

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Jesse Miller

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Joshua Chambers

Need Help?

Remove unwanted wildlife today! Our professionals are always ready to assist you.

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Working Hours

Keep Wildlife Away From Your Spaces

Our professionals specialize in wildlife removal and home repairs.

It is important to ensure you are treating animals with the care and respect they deserve. Helping both people and animals is our passion, and we believe that both can co-exist as long as they both remain at a comfortable distance. For that reason, you can count on us to remove and relocate wildlife. Our wildlife control services will allow you to determine why animals decided to break in and seal entry points to keep them from entering again. Our professionals in Southampton Township, NJ, are eager to tell you more about the process!

Animal Trapping

Animal Trapping

If you find unwanted animals in your home or business, reach out to us, and we'll remove them for you. Our wildlife control service is humane and safe. We are also in charge of the relocation.

Home Repair

Animal Home Repair

Wildlife can cause extensive damage to your property. Let us remove it humanely and fix the mess left behind while following nuisance prevention measures to keep them from returning.


Wildlife Exclusion

Make animals leave your residential or commercial property by getting our preventive wildlife control service. We use humane methods that make them get out safely and on their own.

Animal Removal

Animal Removal

Don't let unwanted animals ruin your day. Our professionals will go to your property right away to remove anything from snakes to raccoons. We follow a humane process and clean afterward.


Attic Remediation and Sanitation

Wildlife may feel attracted to your attic; get our commercial or residential wildlife control services to get rid of it. You can also count on us to sanitize the entire space to remove any type of waste.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Remove Unwanted Animals

Taking care of wildlife and protecting your property from future intrusions is our specialty. Find out more about what we can do for you!

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