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Your Solution for Humane Wildlife Removal in Mount Laurel, NJ

If you’re tired of the pitter-patter of tiny feet in your attic or damage around your property caused by unwelcome wildlife visitors, UFO Nuisance WIldlife Control is here to help.

From raccoons rummaging through your trash to squirrels nesting in your attic, we’ve seen it all. Our wildlife removal in Mount Laurel provides efficient and humane solutions to remove unwanted wildlife from your home.

Contact us today to receive a free estimate for safely removing wildlife near your home in New Jersey.


Devi Rosado


honest, knowledgeable, fair and reasonable. they show up on time and get the job done! I would recommend them



Eric Elmore


Josh and his team were excellent. Got rid of the birds and nests from both my vents and pit the hardware on to keep them out. One week later and all is quiet. Thanks U.F.O.



Steve Volaric


We had Josh and company out to help evict some raccoons that had gotten into a low roof area. UFO did a great job, very friendly and professional. Did a great job repairing the damage. Highly recommend for any critter removal needs.



Valerie Erickson


UFO provides professional services. We had issues with racoons in the attic. Josh did an excellent job trapping, treating the attic, and sealing roof return. We highly recommend Josh and UFO.





UFO Wildlife helped us relocate a raccoon that was starting to make a home in our attic. They found the entry points and provided box returns on our roof soffits. All through the process they were very responsive, they arrived on time, were very knowledgeable about their subject and completed good, clean work. Would definitely use again!



Terri Clark


Unfortunately there was construction in my development, and all of a sudden after living here for 20 years I now have mice. I called UFO, they came same day completed the evaluation, returned the next day and plug any open access areas and set traps. I chose to have them return every week for a month. Currently I have not seen any mice or new dropping in 3 weeks. Fast reliable and professional. I can’t really comment on the value $ as I had no experience to compare it to. but it was well worth it to me! I definitely would recommend them.



Linda Waters


I called U.F.O. based on the good reviews I saw online and I was not disappointed. Josh traveled to my home and fully inspected my roof and attic. Josh was very knowledgeable and gave us great advice. Highly recommend U.F.O.!!



warren weiss


Josh was awesome. So knowledgeable and friendly. It turned out that everything was ok but he was incredibly thorough and walked through the house, went on the roof, climbed into the attic. Very nice. Very professional. Very honest. HIGHLY recommend.



Sue Kline


Thank you for your help with birds getting in our soffit!



Yamarie Colon


Very satisfied with the service provided. They were quick to respond to my inquiry, and were able to complete the estimate within a few days. Jesse (the owner) was able to explain what needed to be done and why which is always helpful. He arrived in a timely manner each time he needed to come the home and worked quickly as to not create any disturbance. Most importantly, my pest problem is gone! I’d happily reach out to these guys again if needed.



Thomas Fane


Positive: Professionalism , Punctuality , Quality , Responsiveness , Value We have been plagued with squirrels for the last year. We have tried almost everything. UFO has been fantastic. 2 simple visits and we have had our problems taken care of. I wish that I had called them sooner. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Do yourself a favor and give them a call!



Christian Jacques


Positive: Professionalism , Punctuality , Quality , Responsiveness , Value Had a deer die in backyard they gave me a good quote and were very responsive and out within hours!


Wildlife Services Available to Mt. Laurel Residents

At UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control, we understand the frustration of homeowners and the inconvenience that comes with wildlife intrusions. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of animal services tailored to meet the needs of Mount Laurel, NJ, residents. From humane trapping to attic remediation, our team of wildlife control operators is here to help you reclaim your space and restore peace of mind. 

Animal Trapping

Animal Trapping

Our skilled team at UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control specializes in employing safe and effective animal trapping techniques to capture nuisance wildlife. We understand the importance of minimizing stress for the animals while prioritizing your and your family's safety. Rest assured, we'll handle the trapping process with care and expertise, swiftly removing unwanted guests from your premises.

Home Repair

Animal Home Repair

Once we've successfully removed the animals from your property, our services don't stop there. UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control offers comprehensive home repair services to address any damage caused by wildlife intrusions in Mount Laurel. Whether it's repairing chewed wires, replacing damaged insulation, or fixing structural issues, our animal home repair services will restore your home to its former glory.


Wildlife Exclusion

Prevention is key when it comes to keeping wildlife at bay. That's why we take proactive measures to prevent future animal intrusions through our wildlife exclusion services in Mount Laurel. Our experts will identify and seal entry points, install barriers, and implement other effective strategies to keep wildlife out of your Burlington County home or business for good.

Animal Removal

Animal Removal

Whether you're dealing with raccoons, rodents, bats, or any other pesky wildlife species, our expert wildlife control operators are up to the task of removing them. Equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for safe and efficient removal, we'll rid your property of unwanted wildlife quickly and effectively. For any project involving dead animal removal, we ensure thorough sanitization and deploy odor eliminators to restore your space.


Attic Remediation and Sanitation

Animal intrusions often leave behind more than just damage – they can also leave behind unsanitary conditions. That's where our attic remediation and sanitation services come in handy for homeowners and commercial customers. We'll thoroughly clean and sanitize your attic, removing animal droppings, nesting materials, and other contaminants to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

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Animals We Commonly Remove

At UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control, we specialize in removing a variety of wildlife species commonly found in the Mount Laurel, NJ, area, including:

  • Raccoons: These clever critters can cause significant damage to your property if left unchecked. Our Mount Laurel raccoon removal safely and effectively removes raccoons from your premises.
  • Squirrels: Whether they’re scampering across your roof or nesting in your attic, squirrels can be a nuisance. Count on our Mount Laurel squirrel removal to safely remove and prevent future intrusions.
  • Bats: While they play a crucial role in the ecosystem, bats can pose health risks if they take up residence in your home. Our Mount Laurel bat control involves humane removal techniques from trained professionals.
  • Birds: From pigeons to sparrows, birds can create messes and damage your property with their nesting habits. We’ll safely remove them and implement measures to deter them from returning with our bird control service.
  • Opossums: These nocturnal creatures may wander onto your property in search of food or shelter. If you encounter an opossum problem, we’re here to help.
  • And Other Animals: Our team has experience dealing with a wide range of wildlife species, so no matter the intruder, we have the expertise to handle it safely and effectively.

Our Process for Wildlife Removal in Mount Laurel

At UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control, we take a systematic approach to wildlife removal, ensuring effective and humane solutions for Mount Laurel residents. Our process is designed to address your specific wildlife concerns while prioritizing the safety of both you and the animals involved. 


First, our skilled wildlife control operators conduct a full inspection of your property to assess the extent of the wildlife infestation. Using their expertise and specialized tools, they carefully examine every inch of your home or business to identify signs of animal activity, such as droppings, tracks, and nesting areas. By pinpointing the source of the wildlife problem, we can develop a targeted plan for removal and prevention.

Customized Removal Plan

Based on our findings from the inspection, we develop a customized removal plan tailored to your specific situation. Every call is unique, and we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to wildlife removal. Whether you're dealing with raccoons in the attic, squirrels in the walls, or bats in the chimney, UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control will devise a strategic approach to safely and efficiently remove the bothersome wildlife from your property.

Safe and Humane Practices

At UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control, we prioritize the safety and well-being of both our clients and the unwanted animals themselves. That's why we employ humane removal techniques and practices that minimize harm to wildlife. Our team is trained to handle wildlife with care and compassion, ensuring minimal stress and discomfort during the removal process.

Prevention Strategies

Removing wildlife from your property is just the first step. To prevent future animal intrusions, we implement proactive prevention strategies tailored to your unique situation. This may include sealing entry points, installing barriers, trimming vegetation, and making habitat modifications to discourage wildlife from returning. By addressing the root cause of the critter problem, we help protect your home or business from future infestations and minimize the risk of damage and inconvenience.

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Other Areas We Serve

At UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control, our commitment to providing expert wildlife removal services extends beyond Mount Laurel, NJ. We proudly serve the following counties and municipalities in New Jersey:

Safely Remove Wildlife Near Your Home With UFO

If you’re dealing with nuisance wildlife near your home or business in Mount Laurel, NJ, or the surrounding areas, don’t wait until the problem escalates. At UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control, we specialize in safely and effectively removing wildlife from your property, providing you with peace of mind and restoring your space to its rightful state. With our humane removal techniques and proactive prevention strategies, we ensure that the problem is addressed at its root, minimizing the risk of future intrusions.

Don’t let nuisance wildlife wreak havoc on your property any longer. Contact UFO Nuisance Wildlife Control today to learn more about our wildlife removal in Mount Laurel.