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close up of a skunk trapped in a cage after wildlife control service southampton township nj

Remove Nuisance Wildlife in Your Home or Business with our Wildlife Control Service in Southampton Township, NJ

Do you see evidence of digging such as holes or burrows around your shed, deck, porch, or yard?

Skunks, groundhogs, opossums, and similar animals like to create a safe and comfortable burrow to live in. This helps keep them away from predators and out of the weather. Although theoretically exclusion would be best, it’s not always possible. That’s when our wildlife control service in Southampton Township, NJ, is the next best option.

Unfortunately, all kinds of wildlife are finding fewer and fewer safe spaces, causing them to wander into yards and creating issues in homes and businesses.

We Are Professional Critter Catchers That Truly Care For Our Wildlife

Our professionals provide humane and monitored wildlife trapping services. The temperature drops when the sun goes down and nocturnal animals like skunks, raccoons, and opossums become active. Some animals become distressed when caught in a trap, causing them to do damage to themselves. If they are caught at night and left for too long they are in danger of overheating and dehydrating. Therefore, traps need to be checked frequently. If you are looking to kill nuisance wildlife, U.F.O. is not the company for you. We monitor our traps and care about the wildlife within. You can count on us for raccoon removal, squirrel removal, snake removal, and more.

Spring is a season of renewal and growth, but it’s also a time when many animals become more active and may invade your property. Raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, bats, and snakes are all common intruders during this time. Our team uses humane methods to safely capture and relocate these animals, protecting both wildlife and humans from harm.

Release Species Back Into the Wild

This is the best option for native nuisance species that need to be relocated. Our crew follows the New Jersey Wildlife Fish and Game guidelines to guarantee as safe and stress-free release as possible. At U.F.O. Nuisance Wildlife Control, LLC, we specialize in wildlife trapping, which means we trap and then relocate the wildlife far away from your property. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to handle a myriad of animals. Contact us today to learn more about our wildlife control service in Southampton Township, NJ.